Expert Witness Services & Construction Litigation Support

* Over 35 years as a Licensed General Building Contractor. Curriculum Vitae
* 17 years as an Expert Witness
* 15 appearances in Court. Case Summaries
* 90 appearances in Arbitration, Mediation and Deposition
* Involvement in over 600 cases
* Support for Plaintiff and Defense. Support Services

Over 30 years as a Licensed General Building Contractor
in Estate and Custom Residential Homes

* Learn blue print reading & estimating
* Calculate and apply accurate profit/costs
* Project management support
* Help in bidding and estimating
* Help with problem solving in projects under construction
* More Information For Contractors

I will make sure you get what you are paying for...
* Get your results as planned
* Pre-qualification of your contractor
* Review of your plans, specifications and contract.
* Answers to your pre-costruction questions. Q&A
* More Information for Home Owners